Do you know where you have one of the greatest opportunities to reduce expenses? It's probably a budget line item that you may seldom get a chance to examine in detail - the conference/incentive travel area. But the expertise may not exist on your current staff to identify just how much you could reduce this major area of expenditure.

That's where OnTheMark can provide you with invaluable assistance. With over twenty-five years experience negotiating conference vendor contracts and providing quality, cost effective conference programs for major clients our experience gives us the ability to know where the "soft" areas are in planning a conference. Areas that literally can save significant dollars that normally wind up in profits to the hotel and other providers of services for your events - dollars that could be used to reduce your expenses and increase your bottom line.

OnTheMark will

Review your current conference practices
Analyze previous program expenses
Prepare a report with innovative approaches to cost effectively manage your event expenses without reducing quality